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It is important to note that Rizal once commented that an upright, patriotic, and selfless individual like Noli’s Elias would be a viable revolutionary leader.In fact, Rizal was said to have confessed that he seriously regretted having killed Elias instead of Ibarra.The novel’s ending, some scholars explain however, should not be interpreted as Rizal’s categorical stand against revolution.

It is important to note that Rizal once commented that an upright, patriotic, and selfless individual like Noli’s Elias would be a viable revolutionary leader.

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‘El Filibusterismo’ is Jose Rizal’s second novel written as the sequel of his ‘Noli Me Tangere’.

Commonly nicknamed ‘El Fili’ or simply ‘Fili’, the novel was written also in Spanish.

But even with Ventura’s help, Rizal found it necessary to fundamentally shorten the novel, erasing 47 whole pages from the 279-page manuscript to save expenses (Ocampo, p. Thus, the printed El Fili, which came off the press by the middle of September, 1891, turned out comprising only 38 chapters compared to the 64 of the Noli—contrary to his original plan to make a longer sequel.

For Ventura’s salvific act, Rizal gave him the novel’s original manuscript, a pen, and an autographed printed copy.

The foreword of the Fili was nonetheless addressed “To The Filipino People and Their Government”.

The original manuscript also includes a “warning” and an “inscription” on the title page written by the author’s friend, Ferdinand Blumentritt.During their martyrdom on the 17th (not 28th) of February, 1872, Gomez was then 73 (not 85), Burgos was 35 (not 30) and Zamora was 37 (not 35).Like many other students today (especially men), Rizal was perhaps not that good in memorizing historical details like dates and ages.Its commonly known English alternative title is ‘The Reign of Greed’.in October 1887 in Calamba during his first homecoming.Indeed a continuation of the Noli, the El Filibusterismo exposes the real picture of Filipino society at the hands of the Spanish authorities.Socio-political issues mentioned in the Noli are also dealt with in its sequel: the abuses and hypocrisy of the members of the Spanish Catholic clergy, superstitions disguising as religious faith, the need for reform in educational system, the exploitation and corruption of government officials, and the pretenses of some social-climbing Filipinos and Spaniards.In his dedication, Rizal fearlessly declared his conviction that the Spanish officials’ treatment of the priests’ case was unjust “as [their] complicity in the Cavite Mutiny is not clearly proved”.The dedication partly reads: “To the memory of the priests, Don Mariano Gomez (85 years old), Don Jose Burgos (30 years old), and Don Jacinto Zamora (35 years old).The main character’s persistence to push through with the rebellion, on the other hand, seems to suggest that independence is attainable through revolution.However, the closing chapters rather insinuate that freedom must be attained without bloodshed as the story ends with the failure of Simoun’s planned uprising.


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