Effects Of Mass Media Thesis

Effects Of Mass Media Thesis-10
Mass media are capable of creating various kinds of impact on mankind.They play a crucial role in the function and change of any society.Freedom of speech and expression along with freedom of press was provided by the constitution as a fundamental right.

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For example, a villager in India today can have the idea of what the city life is by watching television and cinema.

Media use by the people is going through quick shifts.

It was his argument, for example, that the electric light can be taken as a medium, it transmits lights to a large number of people.

This notion may not be digestible to many because we are used to ascribing overwhelming importance to content.

Most of the information we receive about our community, our state, the nation and the world comes to us through newspapers, magazines, television and radio.

The information and views communicated through these media have great impact on our attitudes toward people, events and problems. The oldest form is the press which was set up first by William Caxon at Westminster in 1476.The first wireless communication was made between the Isle of Wight and the English mainland in 1882, the phonograph was patented in 1877. In India, after the independence, new horizons were seen by the country in all the aspects of five year plans stressing the need to solve some of the national problems, such as, lack of cultural identity, absence of economic policy and so on, the development of mass media was boosted.An extensive exposure necessarily influences young, who are always believed to be passive respondents.Watz and Hoffman note that: “the social potential of mass communication has hardly been tapped” (241).As a result, mass media look for supportive Communication and avoid that communication which projects alternative opinions.Mass media play a significant role in the socialization of the young.Mcluham, the Canadian writer perceives mass media in a very broad perspective.It is his thesis that, the medium is the message; he says that the content of a mass medium cannot be divorced from its context and from its technology.They accept the massages which are easy for them to understand and they do not have to exert themselves in watching a programme or reading a newspaper.They also accept messages which reinforce their beliefs and reject or ignore those which have contrary views.


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