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Several external factors like wars, strikes and political disturbances, natural calamities that affect business cycle are also contributors to cyclical unemployment. Disguised: This is a scenario when more people are employed in a job than is actually required for it.

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Involuntary unemployment encompasses all those factors that prevent a physically fit individual willing to work from getting an appointment.It is primarily a feature of the agricultural and unorganized sectors.Causes of Unemployment Unemployment is a reason for alarming concern in India today.Labour force is the term collectively applied to the total number of individuals within the population who are willing and capable of doing work.Unemployment rate of a country is indicative of its socio-economic health.Types of Unemployment The most accepted classification of Unemployment recognizes two broad types: Voluntary and Involuntary Unemployment.Voluntary unemployment arises when an individual is not under any employment out of his own desire not to work.According to a recent United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report, during the period of 1991 to 2013, Indian economy has experienced maximum growth and yet less than half number of Indians seeking jobs have managed to land one during this period.State wise figures reveal that Tripura has the highest unemployment rate in the country at 19.7% while Gujarat has the lowest at 0.9% in 2015-2016.Structural: Such employment stems from any structural change in the economy that leads to decline of specific industries.Long term changes in the market conditions, reorganization of the same, and sudden changes in the technological sector, creates a Skill Gap in the existing workers. Regional: Globalization and relocation of jobs also leads to unemployment as workers are often unable to move to the new location where the employers currently hold positions. Seasonal: In some industries production activities are season best and employment occurs only in peak seasons.


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