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Exploring the Value Proposition of Special Collections.” OCLC Research is currently completing the most comprehensive and detailed survey to date of special collections and archives; results will be published this summer.These two presentations will discuss current initiatives addressing the measure issues in special collections and university archives.He naturally turned to Thomas Jefferson, and drew upon his “Decalogue of Canons,” a series of ten aphoristic expressions of practical wisdom—some more common, some more obscure—like “take things always by their smooth handle.” Applying this maxim to his own career soon led Christian to join a library software development company to create the first automated system for managing special collections library services. In his talk, Christian will reflect on what he has learned about life and libraries and whether Mr. Following a six-year stint with Atlas Systems, the leading provider of time-saving solutions for libraries, Christian was recently appointed as Burns Librarian at Boston College.

I invite you to contact me about any interests we share in common.

In 2006, Rare Book School director Terry Belanger invited Christian Dupont to give a talk about his experiences and “advices” as the newly appointed director of special collections at the University of Virginia.

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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. I have spent most of my career as a special collections librarian and administrator, beginning with reference and curatorial positions at the University of Notre Dame, where I also completed my doctoral studies in theology and philosophy.

His research and publication interests range widely from Dante to continental philosophy and the history and management of libraries.

A one-hour series of eight video presentations on assessment principles and practices for academic libraries that I created while I worked as Aeon Program Director for Atlas Systems.

My most recent publications and presentations concern the formation of institutional collections relating to Dante Alighieri and the Divine Comedy and their role in the reception of Italian literature in the United States.

I have also recently edited my dissertation on the reception of phenomenology in French philosophy and religious thought for the Phaenomenologica series published by Springer under the auspices of the Husserl Archives in Louvain.

Along the way, I received a master of information science degree from Indiana University.

I subsequently held appointments as director of special collections at Syracuse University and the University of Virginia.


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