Dupont Essay 2011

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" 1992 SILVER BATON ABC News, Peter Jennings, "A Line in the Sand: War or Peace? C., "NFL Drug Testing: Illegal Procedure" SILVER BATON WKYC-TV, Cleveland, Ohio, Dick Feagler for nightly commentaries 1990 SILVER BATON ABC News and Koppel Communications, "The Koppel Report: Tragedy at Tiananmen--The Untold Story" SILVER BATON Byron Harris and WFAA-TV, Dallas, Texas, "Other People's Money" SILVER BATON CBS, Television and Radio Coverage of China SILVER BATON CNN, Coverage of China SILVER BATON Gardner Films and WETA, Washington, D.

", "World News Tonight: Children in Crisis" and "World News Tonight: War in the Gulf: Answering Children's Questions" SILVER BATON CNN, Peter Arnett's Reports from Baghdad SILVER BATON KBDI-TV, Denver, Colorado, Carolyn Hales, Tierra O Muerte: Land or Death SILVER BATON KPIX-TV, San Francisco, Richard Saiz, California, "Wards of the State" SILVER BATON KWWL-TV, Waterloo, Iowa, "Cloud of Concern" SILVER BATON National Public Radio for coverage of the Gulf War SILVER BATON PBS, Friends of Le Chambon, Pierre Sauvage, "Weapons of the Spirit" SILVER BATON PBS, Frontline: High Crimes and Misdemeanors GOLD BATON PBS, Public Affairs Television, Bill Moyers, "After the War," "The Home Front," "Beyond Hate," "Amazing Grace" SILVER BATON WETA-TV and Florentine Films, Ken Burns, "The Civil War" SILVER BATON WFAA-TV, Dallas, Texas, Coverage of the Gulf War SILVER BATON WGBH-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, "Frontline: Innocence Lost" SILVER BATON WTBS-TV, National Geographic Society, "Explorer: The Urban Gorilla" 1991 SILVER BATON ABC News, "Peter Jennings Reporting: From the Killing Fields" SILVER BATON Blackside Inc., "Eyes on the Prize II: America at the Racial Crossroads" SILVER BATON CBS News, "CBS Evening News with Dan Rather" for human stories behind the fall of Communist governments SILVER BATON Exit Films, Cambridge, Massachusetts, "Near Death" SILVER BATON Helen Borten and National Public Radio for "Horizons: And Justice for All" SILVER BATON KCBS-AM, San Francisco, California, for coverage of the earthquake SILVER BATON KING-TV, Seattle, Washington, "Critical Choices: America's Health Care Crisis" SILVER BATON KQED-TV, San Fransciso, California, Scott Pearson and Lewis Cohen, "Express: Shield for Abuse" SILVER BATON NBC News, "NBC Nightly News: Tragedy at Pine Ridge" SILVER BATON P. C., "Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land" on PBS SILVER BATON KCET-TV, Los Angeles, California, "For the Sake of Appearances," and "Expecting Miracles" SILVER BATON Kentucky Educational Television, "On Our Own Land" SILVER BATON Maryland Public Television, Owings Mills, Maryland, "Other Faces of AIDS" SILVER BATON National Public Radio, "AIDS and Black America: Breaking the Silence" SILVER BATON WBRZ, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, "The Best Insurance Commissioner Money Can Buy" SILVER BATON WJXT, Jacksonville, Florida, "Crack Crisis: A Cry for Action" GOLD BATON WGBH and Frontline: "Remember My Lai," "The Spy Who Broke the Code," "Who Profits From Drugs?

The contest is sponsored by the du Pont-Ball Library to encourage the thorough, effective, creative, and ethical uses of research resources. completed a research paper that shows thorough, effective, creative, and ethical uses of the library and research resources.

The monetary award is given by an anonymous donor in memory of Dr. Johnson, Stetson University Professor of History 1953-1997. Johnson required students to illustrate effective use of research resources in papers for his courses, and this award is designed to reward such scholarship.

Contact Laura Kirkland (822-4027, [email protected]), Chair, du Pont-Ball Library Research Prizes Committee, with any questions. Kelsey Hoblick: An Education for His Future: Unraveling Ross Allen’s Experience at Stetson University. Chelsea Whalley: Sexual Violence and Self-Destruction: The Shameful History of European Colonization and its Effects on the Native American Population.

Jennifer Curtis: The Negative Effects of Sugar and Nonnutritive Sweeteners: Can We Have Our Cake and Eat It Too?

The winning pieces are selected by the du Pont jury from hundreds of entries vetted by a board of screeners.

The awards are presented at Columbia University’s Low Library in a ceremony hosted by some of the country’s leading broadcast journalists.

Groves" NPR & Daniel Zwerdling, "Mental Anguish and the Military" Paladin Invision, London, & WETA, Washington, DC, "Jihad: The Men and Ideas Behind Al Qaeda" WBBM-TV, Chicago, "Fly At Your Own Risk" WFAA-TV, Dallas, "Television Justice" 2007 Brook Lapping Productions, London, for “Israel and the Arabs: Elusive Peace” on PBS WGBH-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, Cape and Islands NPR Stations for “Two Cape Cods: Hidden Poverty on the Cape and Islands” Discovery Channel, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and The New York Times, “Nuclear Jihad: Can Terrorists Get the Bomb?

” HBO, Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill, “Baghdad ER” ITVS, Lisa Sleeth and Jim Butterworth, “Independent Lens: Seoul Train” on PBS KCET-TV, Los Angeles, KPBS-TV, San Diego, KQED-TV, San Francisco, KVIE-TV, Sacramento, “California Connected: War Stories from Ward 7-D” NBC News, “NBC Nightly News” and “Dateline,” Coverage of Hurricane Katrina NPR, Coverage of Iraq WBAL-TV, Baltimore, “Dirty Secret” WGBH, Boston, “Frontline: The Age of AIDS” on PBS WLOX-TV, Biloxi, Mississippi, Coverage of Hurricane Katrina WNET-TV, New York, "American Masters: No Direction Home: Bob Dylan" on PBS WRAL-TV, Raleigh, “Focal Point: Paper Thin Promise and Standards of Living” WWL-TV, New Orleans, for coverage of Hurricane Katrina 2006 ABC News, for live coverage of the death of Pope John Paul II and the election of Pope Benedict XVI CNBC, “The Age of Wal-Mart: Inside America's Most Powerful Company” CNN, Coverage of the Tsunami Disaster in South Asia HBO, “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: The Sport of Sheikhs” North Carolina Public Radio/WUNC, Chapel Hill, “North Carolina Voices: Understanding Poverty” PRI, WGBH-TV, Boston, and BBC World Service, “The World: The Global Race for Stem Cell Therapies” The Kitchen Sisters, Jay Allison and NPR, “Hidden Kitchens” The Sundance Channel, Denis Poncet, Jean-Xavier De Lestrade and Allyson Luchak, “The Staircase” WFTS-TV, Tampa, “Crosstown Expressway Investigation” WGBH, Boston “Frontline: Al Qaeda's New Front” on PBS WGBH, Boston, and The New York Times, “The Secret History of the Credit Card” on PBS WJW, Cleveland, “School Bus Bloat” WPMI-TV, Mobile, “For Lauren's Sake” 2005 ABC NEWS and "Primetime Thursday: The Nuclear Smuggling Project" ABC News and PJ Productions, “Jesus and Paul: The Word and the Witness” David Appleby and The University of Memphis, "Hoxie: The First Stand" on PBS HBO/Cinemax Reel Life, Victoria Bruce and Karin Hayes, "The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt" Louisiana Public Broadcasting, "Louisiana: Currents of Change" MSNBC, “National Geographic Ultimate Explorer: Liberia: American Dream?


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