Dissertations On Wireless Networking

Dissertations On Wireless Networking-61
The potential and challenges of contract theory as a tool for designing mechanisms in future wireless networks are discussed.This dissertation provides a theoretical research between wireless communications, networking, and economics, in which different contract theory models have been applied in various wireless networks scenarios.

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We could observed that there had been relatively little change in the world prior to the information technology innovations but since then we have transgressed and proceeded from the computer age to the networking age.

Now in the twenty first century, the wireless networks are gaining momentum and it will not be long before we witness this phenomenon engulfing the entire world with amazing possibilities.

Furthermore, comparisons with existing economics methods in wireless networks are conducted.

Applications of contract theory for wireless networks are studied.

The world has progressed beyond recognition in the twentieth century as the ways of communication have shifted from paper to paperless transmissions.

In this transformation computers and their related technologies have contributed to a great extent.

why is banking industry actually moving to cloud now.

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