Discursive Argumentative Essay

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So, to get confident with writing in these modes, you need to write practice responses to practice questions.(10 marks)(b) Explain how at least ONE of your prescribed texts from Module C has influenced your writing style in part (a).In your response, focus on ONE literary device or stylistic feature that you have used in part (a).The sample paper provided by NESA includes the following question: Example C (20 marks)(a)“Then, although it was still the end of the story, I put it at the beginning of the novel, as if I needed to tell the end first in order to go on and tell the rest.”Lydia Davis, Collected Stories by Lydia Davis © Lydia Davis (Penguin, London)Use this sentence as a stimulus for the opening of an imaginative, discursive or persuasive piece of writing that begins with the end.In your response, you must include at least ONE literary device or stylistic feature that you have explored during your study of a prescribed text in Module C.This helps them practice and develop their skills before they sit exams in school.To help you understand how to approach a discursive essay we’ve put together some resources for you: Use the image above to write an imaginative or discursive piece of writing.This adds an additional layer of complexity to Paper 2. Below we’ve shared an exemplary HSC paper 2 discursive essay and reflection to an HSC Module C style question.After all, you only have 40 minutes and you need to produce an essay and reflection. In the new syllabus, the Module C HSC question can have multiple components.It can provide support from strangers and the joy of constant stimulation, but it can be addicting.it is a network of people, but not everyone is good. It’s great but someone can get lost if they don’t have a map to travel through the great maze that is the internet, shattering their self-image in the process. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to stop because it’s so hard to change course, it’s so much easier to give up.


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