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First I extended the Ph D, then I applied for a suspension because it was the only way to get extra time, and I still didn't get on with the work.

He's like: If Lisa sends me work I'll read it, but I'm not going to bother her any more, because she never does anything I ask her anyway.

He barely replies to my emails now, and I can understand it - he gave me guidance on what to write, commented on my work so far, and there's nothing else he can do beyond wait for me to pull myself together and do what he asked me to.

You need to get proper help from the medical authorities. I was married at the end of the third year of my undergraduate degree to a man who cheated on me after four months and like you I felt my world had fallen apart.

I didn't believe I could possibly go back and continue the rest of my final year but I forced myself to do it.

My second supervisor has never been very helpful, and he left the university last month anyway.

My doctor won't give me medication because he says there's nothing wrong with my brain to need medication - I have a legitimate reason for my depression and sorting that reason out will fix the depression without medication.Quitting is not an option, but I don't know how to pick my thesis up again and start writing.Plus I'm crippled by the idea that I'll push myself to start working and it'll be a waste because they'll refuse my extended suspension and kick me out anyway.I feel terrible though, like I've let him down.He's just frustrated and fed up with me now, as is everyone else.And if it's any consolation I found someone else and I'm getting married again. My supervisor knows about my depression - he helped me to complete the suspension forms.I'd also thought I'd never feel that way about anyone again and the fact is I won't: instead what I realized is that every time you fall in love it's different but it can be just as wonderful if not more so. To begin with he was supportive and tried to help, but I feel like for the past 6 months he's just washed his hands of me.Have you considered speaking to a counsellor at the university?They are there to help people with a huge range of emotional problems, some minor, some more serious like yours.It's difficult to focus on work in any case when I'm so depressed and isolated and broke, and I just don't know what to do.My supervisor told me about another student who had to look after a parent dying of cancer during his Ph D, then the parent died and he was only absent for a few months - as if to say I'm being ridiculous because losing my fiance is nowhere near as bad as losing a parent, and yet I've been absent for longer than this guy was.


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