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With only 1,895 students being offered admission out of an applicant pool of 32,804, Princeton’s acceptance rate for the class of 2023 comes in at 5.8%.

However, there is no perfect response, as the admissions committee simply wants to get a better feel of who you are; these questions are meant to be casual. Some applicants may feel a need to include “academic” answers in an attempt to demonstrate intelligence or academic vigor.

However, this is not necessary unless your favorites are, in fact, academic, since admissions officers can already see your academic excellence elsewhere in your profile.

Perhaps you could put the reader in your perspective by making it appear as if reader were physically there when the tournament occurred.

Avoid using all 150 words to simply summarize the extracurricular or work experience, as this does not highlight the impact this experience had on you.

Or perhaps you spent your second summer caring for an aging relative and hearing your relative’s stories changed your emotional outlook on life.

Define Courage College Essay Histographical Essay

Here, you could indicate how your second summer opened your eyes in ways that the first summer did not.

This can distract from the significance of the experience.

Make sure to still be charitable to the person you disagree with, as this will create a much more powerful narrative.

This could be someone holding you back, working against you, or challenging your ideals.

However, when choosing this approach, make sure to not turn your essay into a rant about the individual or appear overly-critical and negative.


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