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After crawling through 46 blocks of Christmas-week traffic to get to the hospital, and after Bonny went into the surgery doctors said she probably wouldn’t wake up from, I did two things: I looked down at my blood-covered self, still barefoot, and I actually laughed. “Okay, then call your police precinct.” Elizabeth got the 10th Precinct on the phone and said she’d like to file a complaint. Business never did take off because his cart was always surrounded by a pack of German short-haired pointers.It was a deep, disturbed, this-isn’t-really-happening kind of laugh. The next thing I remember is Elizabeth saying we should call the police, and me thinking, Damn right. “Sorry,” the officer told her, “you can’t file a complaint for a dog. He got his first two dogs as a gift in the sixties, then bred and inbred them until he had more than 50.She was maybe three pounds, with ears so big and pointy they met in the middle of her head.

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We adopted her in the parking lot, straight from a cardboard box in the trunk of a rusted-out Chevy with a sign that said FREE PUPS.

Her littermates climbed over each other, but Bonny stared straight at us.

The morning after Bonny was attacked, I started what would become months of calls to the same string of organizations: the NYPD, the Department of Health, the ASPCA, Animal Control, and the mayor’s office.

A number of the people I spoke to already knew about Harry’s dogs.

After that, neighbors say, he started sleeping in a gutted van.

I’ve never talked to Harry—almost everything I know about him comes from the New York Daily News and New York Times.

The lot was part of a shantytown until the city cleared it in 1997; Harry moved in later that year when he got kicked out of an abandoned house on the East Side.

He used to sleep in a wooden shack in the back of the lot, but it burned down years ago.

They pulled her legs in opposite directions, detaching her muscles from her bones, until Ralphie heard the screams, grabbed a two-by-four, and ran outside swinging.

When he got there, Bonny had the biggest dog by the throat, but its jaws were twice the size of hers, and wrapped around her neck. A few months before my 17th birthday, my best friend and I went to a grocery store for some coffee and eggs and came home with Bonny.


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