Cute Ways To Write Your Name On Paper

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like making a letter into the shape of family pet or ballet shoes, etc. I've done it as a wax resist, we discuss symbols in art and look at some various symbolic shapes, designs, then students trace their hands and draw symbols to represent their families, interests, pets, successes... this also makes a nice display for hallways, bulletin boards...Name Portrait - Micrography - from Judy Decker Lesson idea for upper elementary through middle school.

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The students were given a pre-cut board, about the size I thought was right for the length of the individual's name. They formed letters out of bread dough worms they rolled, making them the right size for the boards they had just sanded.

The students first sanded the board smooth, and screwed in two little hooks for hanging the board. We let the letters sit until dry, then I baked the bread dough letters in the oven until completely dry and hard.

Then they took one of the paper's negative or the area around the name and enlarged the area trimming around the shape, taking off about a quarter of an inch.

The positive side, the part with the writing they trimmed also making it smaller.

Teacher Sample Ken did a design project with his Art 1 students - the illumination idea with tempera and ink. First initial had to show aspects of their personality - identity. In scratch art, the paper is first colored heavily with crayon and then painted black. Use markers (or colored pencils) and glue to a sheet of Construction Paper.

The remaining letters had to fit "aesthetically" with the first letter. Students scratched simulated texture into the letters and spaces. Open and turn it over so you don't see your pencil marks. White Drawing Paper, 8-1/2"x11" (21.5 x 28 cm or larger) Drawing Pencils 1 stick of blue or colored Chalk (or Ebony Pencils) Wooden spoons, Rulers, or wooden craft sticks Wide or heavy-tipped black Colored Markers Crayons in flaming colors (shades of orange, red, yellow, blue) Soft cloth (or facial tissue) Scissors Glue Sticks Black Drawing Paper, 8-1/2"x11" (21.5 x 28 cm or larger) This idea appears in Primary Art by Mary Ann Kohl This uses the same folded technique.

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Students write their name then outline it with radiating lines around the shape of the name. Fold your paper in half horizontally - along length of paper). I emphasized that their letters had to go off the page on the fold so when they cut them out they would have the mirror image of their name cut out also and attached.

Write your first name in cursive (or print) along the fold. This pattern part was the same for several other of the name related projects, 6th grade did African mask inspired name project and 4th grade did insects using their name in this pattern.


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