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He wrote it for one of those "universal anthologies" which our fathers used to purchase from itinerant salesmen as "educational sets," designed to make the entire family aware of the world's literary heritage from Babylon to the Mississippi.

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Perhaps this is because as a self-identifying literary critic there isn’t much else for people to ask me—this field doesn’t exactly make for the most riveting party talk.

But whatever the reason, I thought I’d put together a list of the criticism that I most admire and to which I repeatedly refer.

And so he wrote his measured and vigorous essay, with all the weight and authority of his thirty-five years of fiction- writing.

Having recently moved into a new apartment, I have been presented with one of the great toils, but also great joys, of relocation: moving all my goddamn books. But even for those who loathe the process of moving a library, once the boxes are firmly stacked in the new digs, you get to create a whole new one, and this is the great joy I referred to.

Not that he was addicted to prophesy; on the contrary, he was usually concerned with the immediate and the predictable.

But now the century was turning; a whole new block of time lay before the novel, and James clearly could not forego this occasion to act as oracle for the novel form--that form which had been the high altar of his life, the center of his devotions.And when ship loads of slaves became a race of 30 million was that really only because I was fecund?”In her 1971 essay “What the Black Woman Thinks About Women’s Lib,” Morrison wrote:“They look at white women and see them as the enemy — for they know that racism is not confined to white men, and that there are more white women than men in this country, and that 53 percent of the population sustained an eloquent silence during times of greatest stress.At the moment, it resides outside the pages of this book.She is somewhere, though, some place, just as she always has been, up to her pelvis in myth, asking those sad, sad questions: When I was brave, was it only because I was masculine?"This collection of essays from world-renowned scholar Hans Walter Gabler contains writings from a decade and a half of retirement spent in exploration of textual criticism, genetic criticism, and literary criticism.In these sixteen stimulating contributions, he develops theories of textual criticism and editing that are inflected by our advance into the digital era; structurally analyses arts of composition in literature as well as music; and traces the cultural implications discernible in book design, and in the societal processes of the canonisation of works of literature and their authors.It’s a chore, to be certain, one so notoriously laborious it leads many bibliophiles to shed large portions of their libraries in the interest of avoiding the worst of it. I will cart these stupid things with me every place I live, and what’s more, my labor continually increases, as I now receive books in the mail on a daily basis from publishers, editors and even the writers themselves, and I still purchase books (mostly used, which pretty much translates to ). Most literary types acquire so many new books that whatever system they’d installed in their old place inevitably breaks down and becomes overrun with precarious stacks of the dreaded unshelved.In a new home, though, we get to start afresh, create a new system.This feeling of tender familiarity and brutish alienation provides tension and makes the trip down home delicate in its bitterness and tough in its joy.”◇ ◇ ◇Morrison could be a scathing book critic.Reviewing Regina Nadelson’s biography of Angela Davis in 1972, Morrison described it as “a Cyclopean view of Angela Davis that leaves the reader with a wholly useless biography, somehow offensive in its one‐eyed stare. Told the older girls how to bile the coffee proper and to get them roastin’ ears out of the sun.


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