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Critical Thinking Quiz 14-16
If you choose to do them, and you score better than previous quizzes, they will replace those scores. Mc Cormick's Online Quizzes.20 Midterm Exam 2 covers all previous quiz/course material up to and including the week of Oct. The Disproving Claims and Biases, Fallacies and Errors modules for the next three weeks are optional for the course.Related: 4 Eating Habit Changes That Can Boost Your Critical Thinking Curiosity is a core trait of many successful leaders.

Curiosity forces you to keep an open mind and propels you to gain deeper knowledge -- all of which are also fundamental to being a lifelong learner.

Good critical thinkers are able to stay as objective as possible when looking at information or a situation.

Instead of taking everything at face value, a curious person will wonder why something is the way it is.

As we get older, it’s easier to put aside what may seem like childish curiosity.

Careful observation includes our ability to document details, and to collect data through our senses.

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Our observations will eventually lead to insight and a deeper understanding of the world.

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Moreover, I believe it will help my career as well, as I can distinct trustworthy arguments and react to them accordingly.” Rugile, Lithuania “The Eton X Critical Thinking course has been a really valuable experience for me.

Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Marie Curie, Sigmund Freud…these are just a few of the critical thinkers who have shaped our modern lives.


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