Critical Thinking In Sociology

Is this conclusion based on evidence or gut feelings?' and 'Are there alternative possibilities when given new pieces of information?

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In this design, the independent variable consisted of Group Investigation Learning strategy and Direct Instruction Learning strategy (A).

She and her husband, Greg, reside in Fresno, California with their “fur” kids, Woofers and Osa. in broadcast journalism (1995) from Boston University, an M. in sociology (1996) from Arizona State University and a dual title Ph. in sociology and demography (2001) from The Pennsylvania State University. Norwood is a tenured faculty member at Perimeter College at Georgia State University.

Romney Norwood Romney Simone Norwood was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. Her research publications include (with Bernstein) which received the Top Paper Award at the 2007 annual International Public Relations Research Conference. Norwood has also used her research skills in applied settings such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC,) where her training as a behavioral scientist was utilized to help implement a new schedule for administering the polio vaccine to children in the United States. Norwood is committed to offering her students opportunities to engage with their local communities and in 2012 she received the Faculty Fellow Award at Perimeter College which provides resources to support and encourage the development of service learning opportunities for students. Norwood has a long record of engaging in community service. (2001) in Sociology from University of Southern California (USC). Jendian is founding director of the Humanics Program at Fresno State and serves as a tenured Full Professor and Chair of sociology.

The independent variable attribute was classified into 2, namely high critical thinking and low critical thinking (B).

The research hypothesis was tested using analysis of variance (ANAVA) of two-way 2 x 2 and continued with the Dunnet t test.


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