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If you are working on a project and trying to analyze the information you have, There can be different questions, depending on what you need to get.

If you are working on a project and trying to analyze the information you have, There can be different questions, depending on what you need to get.To develop critical skills, you should learn to ask the right questions and find proper ways to answer them correctly.

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If you are a student of a college or university, you should understand the significance of knowledge.

However, even if you’ve reviewed lots of information on this particular subject, it doesn’t automatically make you a good student or scientist.

Using observations and interviews the study examined 9 tutors and 74 tutees in a total of 89 sessions for a semester.

The findings show that despite some levels of awareness about critical thinking skills in developing academic writing among the tutors, many of the tutees interviewed demonstrated no awareness about the concept.

Looking at a problem from different points of view is also crucial.

To develop such skills, you should cooperate with other people and read good books, even if they are science fiction.There is usually a section named , where you can analyze the information you have and offer your opinion.To write it, you have to demonstrate your analytical and critical thinking skills.The method of thinking also matters and gives you more advantages than just learning facts.You can read a lot of different books and remember what you have learned but you can’t apply your knowledge in practice if you can’t think critically.Of course, reading allows you to relax, learn more facts, or gather information for your project, but it also helps you develop your skills.With any book you read, even if it is a fictional story or a novel that isn’t connected with your subject, you learn to see things from varying perspectives.Except for reading, you also need critical thinking practice and you can get it by writing different papers when working on projects.This chapter examines the use of critical thinking skills in the development of students’ academic writing at Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes (RCYCI) Writing Centre.You may ask these questions to expand your viewpoint and notice things that you have not noticed earlier.To understand the way other people think, you need to understand their background.


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