Critical Thinking And Communication The Use Of Reason In Argument

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We cannot in such a context test for abilities to elucidate judicious value judgments about sensitive topics, to find underlying metaphysical or social assumptions, or identify mechanical or aesthetic flaws not easily characterized in words.Nor can we handle material incorporating and exploiting subtle nuances of meaning.Sadly some who respond seem carelessly unaware of decades of work by informal logicians and argumentation theorists, substituting instead their own sense that they themselves are competent critical thinkers. If we are going to claim to teach critical thinking, we will want to check out our claims.

We cannot in such a context test for abilities to elucidate judicious value judgments about sensitive topics, to find underlying metaphysical or social assumptions, or identify mechanical or aesthetic flaws not easily characterized in words.

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Mechanically scorable critical thinking tests have to deal with articulated thought about small, easily described issues where answers do not diverge due to differences in political or ethical perspective or on the basis of varying background knowledge.

Questions and illustrative material have to be minimally susceptible of divergent interpretations.

Professional interests lead to such efforts and there are hundreds of results. presidency of Donald Trump, there is great concern about problems of fake and allegedly fake news, media bias and distortion, ‘alternate facts’, truthiness, and confabulation.

But there is still space for reflection about the assumptions and institutional requirements underlying them. In high quarters, there seems to be little respect for facts and truth, consistency and coherency – to say nothing of decent civility.

The concept of critical thinking is a broad and contestable one.

The kind of critical thinking one might do in improving on a play or revising the fundamental assumptions of a social theory is not likely to be elicited on a mechanically scorable 50 minute test.In teaching there is inevitably some restriction as to what is taken as critical thinking.Restrictions are bound to be greater in the context of a short-answer machine-gradeable test that can be taken in an hour or so.There are many other requirements; these alone suggest that such tests will If certain sorts of questions need to be removed, more issues will arise about the scope of the tests.How would those working on argumentation studies, critical thinking, and test development today respond to such concerns?For senior high school and college age students, the best known are the Cornell Critical Thinking Tests and the Watson-Glaser tests.The Cornell tests are at two levels – level X, which is for students as young as grades five and six and up to the high school level; and level Z, for college age students.With instructors feeling a need to demonstrate the effectiveness of their teaching, there are hundreds of critical thinking tests.It would be a massive task to comment on their merits; obviously this chapter is at best of limited relevance years after it was written.They have to be clear cut and expressible in brief phrases.They cannot presume much background knowledge about any particular substantive issue unless those to whom the test is to be given can be expected to have uniform knowledge on that matter – a condition which would rarely be met in practice.


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