Critical Essay On Like Water For Chocolate

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One special holiday Gertrudis comes to the ranch and eavesdrop about Tita’s pregnancy.

Pedro and Tita start arguing whether they should run away together or stay there.

At the urge of Mama Elena, Pedro and Rosaura has to leave for the city in Texas, San Antonio.

The mother started suspecting that there is some romantic relationship between Pedro and Tita.

Mama Elena decides to avenge Tita for her behavior and sets her lover on fire.

Pedro is left bedridden and can behave only like “a child throwing a tantrum”.The novel has quite an interesting composition: Twelve sections are named after the twelve month, beginning with January.A Mexican recipe plays the role of a caption for each section.Moreover, the girl also appeared to the world in the kitchen making the power of her dedication even stronger.On the contrary, the cooking skills of Rosaura are very poor, therefore, she is less attractive in the eyes of Pedro, her husband. For some reason, Rosaura cannot nurse Roberto properly.The mother does not take into consideration the preferences for happiness of her daughter at all which constitutes one of the main conflicts of the novel (Dennard, n.d.).Tita’s strong connection with cooking is greatly enhanced by the fact that her family cook took a lot of care for Tita during her childhood passing her the necessary skills which doubled and reached some magical heights with the love and tenderness between the two of them.At this moment, the author starts instilling the magical situation into the novel.Because of the strong emotions of Tita, her cooking takes on a completely new side and she unintentionally starts affecting people around her by means of the food she cooks.The mother clearly gives Tita to understand that there is no room for such "lunatics" like her on the farm, therefore, she has to be institutionalized.Fortunately, the doctor is very kind and brings Tita to his home where he can take care of her instead. Brown become quite intimate and she even starts planning about getting married with him one day, however, her strong feelings for Pedro remain the same.


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