Creative Writing Short Story Ideas

Creative Writing Short Story Ideas-12
With every new writing project you expect to learn something new; and I’m certain you do.

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But why would you feel guilty about looking for ideas? and once we start to see ourselves as artists, we start to see the value in being seen as special.

And because we want to be what we seem, we try to be more special.

Does that heading come across as a little aggressive?

It will, if you feel guilty about looking for ideas.

This means your time is limited, so practice writing doesn’t seem like an efficient use of your time.

A truth, cautiously and mostly acknowledged Most people seem to agree that the best way to sell more books, long term, is to write better books.But I’m going to start with a few techniques for finding ideas, and here’s why.Practice You’re an artist, and you need to push and stretch your creative ability, to develop your range of expression and your reach.So surely if you have to go looking for ideas about stories to write, you aren’t very creative? I did an article about ghostwriting where I tried to show that you can have all sorts of creative ideas but no idea how to turn them into a novel.So you can also have all the creative talent necessary to turn great ideas into great stories, but be short on the actual ideas.Exploration If you’re lucky enough to already be a bestselling author, or you have at the very least a sure and steady income from it, you can probably do some of your exploration by getting a little experimental in your next published book. But if you reckon you’re onto a winning formula, or you just want to build up a loyal fanbase by giving your readers what they love the best about you, then you might not want to get too experimental in a book you intend to sell.And of course, if you haven’t hit on that winning formula, then clearly you need to keep experimenting. Working for nothing It’s hard to convince a writer to spend her precious writing time on work that will never see the light of day.And you can, through the course of your artistic career wander all up and down those two continua.I am going to tell you where to find the ideas that will make great stories.Stories are everywhere We make almost everything we do into a story of some sort. In the simplest form, a story is Most people would answer that kind of question with a story. But if this still looks a little arcane or obscure, then start simpler.Look for conflict Conflict makes stories like nothing else. and make the practice effective Narrow the scope The more you restrict a story idea, the more you will learn from it.


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