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Some accept open submissions while others provide information about how to enter contests and events.If the end goal of your creative writing endeavors is to get noticed, these resources are great places to start.Access to Literary Journals through Rider's Library: Literary Reference Center Panel on Working in Publishing/Getting your Work Published Literary Agent and Novelist Chandler Klang Smith joins three Rider grads to discuss the world of publishing and the two most pressing questions for most writing majors: How to get published and how to find a job.

You can download them for free by first clicking on the topic and then on the “pdf” button below the headline on the post page.

The beauty of your words gets lost in translation if you don’t know how to work with language.

You’ll get better grades, create better work, and have a higher chance of getting published by avoiding common mistakes and embracing proper usage.

Further Resources Rider students interested in creative writing can join the student writing club, Writer's Block, read their work at the open mic series Brownwater, and work with three student-run literary journals: Venture, Her Story, and On Fire: A Journal for the African Diaspora.

Recent Rider grads remain active in the literary scenes in NJ, Philly, and NYC via The Broad Set Writing Collective, which sets up readings in bookstores and cafes throughout the Northeast. For more info on creative writing at Rider, please contact Dr.


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