Creative Writing As A Hobby

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I'm a lousy writer; you could say that's why I paint to release those nagging ideas into the wild instead. One day you might end up with a book, and if you do it will have come into existence in an atmosphere of relaxed creativity and will probably be all the better for it.

At the least your memory of the process will be a positive one.

I like the idea of having sellable work that I could show to people someday even if I never actually do that.

Yes, I wrote one book years ago as a way to deal with my husband's illness (he died soon after I was done). Epublishing came around and I ended up selling it after major revisions (255k), and it still sells well after all this time where later books didn't have the same pain and passion.

Many of my published friends refer to writing as an expensive hobby. I usually just send ideas to my best friend and she'll send me her thoughts.

Also, there are profound differences between writing, pursuing publication, and marketing. I tell her everything so if I suddenly die (knock on wood... Haha Storycraft as a whole has always been a form of escapism for me; I would be happier with it and get more actual words down if my 'muse' wasn't attracted to extreme school-related stress and impending deadlines.

You feel like your writing is to personal to you, to share with the world? I'll share little snippets but that's all.

I just write cause it makes me happy and lifts me out of dark times. I've got 8 books on shelves (well, HAD: they're not exactly top-sellers that stay stocked anywhere anymore, though they're still available through Amazon and I sometimes happen upon them in stores) and the amount of money I've made in total across all of them could MAYBE pay for ONE year of college for ONE of my kids... Maybe I'm just not that great of a writer, but every author I've ever talked to says roughly the same thing.

Sure, I have some pieces of fiction that have more of a "plan", and when November comes around (nanowrimo) I tend to treat my fiction more like a job than a hobby, but for the most part, I'm at a stage in my life where writing is just fun and rewarding.

I am grateful for the fact that I feel it is something I "wish I had more time to do".


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