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Written by small business expert Rhonda Abrams, this book has worksheets, sample business plans, and plenty of advice from other experts in the field of business planning, as well as advice if you’re entering competitions or hoping to secure funders.Many readers also appreciate the thorough graphics and exercises throughout.When you’re considering whether to start a business truly on your own, with friends or relatives, or with trusted colleagues, it is important to put thought into the decision — and this book helps you do so by examining why these decisions matter so much.

It also guides you in finding supporting data that justifies and promotes your business.Inside this staple of the business world, you’ll find over a dozen business plan templates you can use to jumpstart your business and attract investors quickly.You’ll also find advice on getting and staying motivated, how to make sure you’re bringing the best possible partners onto your project, and how to propel your business forward for decades to come.This book will help you make a custom business plan that is sure to lead you towards success.If you need some extra hand-holding to get started, this book is for you: You will learn how to choose an organizational structure that is right for your business, learn how to market that business effectively and in a way that helps your business grow, and learn how to organize your business plan into the traditional sections.When you are starting a new business, there will be plenty of people trying to advise you on how to do so — including the authors of books on this list!But all of this good advice is useless if you get paralyzed by anxiety about how to go about implementing it.The marketing strategies in this book are valuable, and you will be happy to see financial documentation reviewed extensively.It is not the most glamorous part of your business, but it is essential to your overall success.You will also see plenty of examples on how to calculate profit and keep track of your cash flow.Complete with a 53-page workbook, you’ll be constructing your business plan as you read the book rather than trying to learn the fundamentals of business planning and applying them later.


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