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Hello Team $ :), I’m a front-end developer based out of Greenville, SC, and I create fun, innovative, accessible, and fast websites.I try to leave every bit I code I touch more readable, modular, performant and accessible than I found it.

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What’s important here isn’t that I’m pointing to some amazing code I wrote, but simply that I’m establishing credibility.

Really what I’m trying to say is: “Beyond front-end coding chops, I’m also passionate about writing and sharing what I’ve learned both with my teammates and the broader web community.

Let’s talk about how I could put my eye for detail, practice of web standards and communication skills to work for $ and friends. I’ve gone through paragraph by paragraph explaining what I’m trying to communicate in the letter and I’ve included ideas that may help you brainstorm your own amazing creative cover letter.

For my greeting, I wanted them to know I was writing a cover letter specifically for their team, so I always included the company name.

I’m explaining what’s important to me, and what kind of person I am, in addition to showing that I know that accessibility and performance are important buzzwords 😉.

I follow up that tagline by going a little deeper: Here I’m trying to show that I also know that code should be readable so that other developers can work on it and it should be modular for maintainability. I’m also expounding on my value system a little bit by revealing that I do this on all projects.I’m explaining that they won’t have to tell me that readability, modularity, accessibility, and performance are important.I already value those things and I take the initiative on my own to implement them.And the more I thought about it, I realized that being motivated and able to identify ways for a team to improve was a Really Valuable Attribute to bring to a new company.If you had the choice between hiring a rock star developer that is really good but keeps to herself, or a person who will help improve himself and everyone around him, who would you hire?I say “Let’s talk” because that’s what I want: an interview. I make the call to action a brief summary of what I’ve laid out above, highlighting one aspect from each paragraph.“” as a nod to my third paragraph about soft skills.Some people seem to think you can skip the cover letter on job applications.I think they see it as extra work that holds them back from applying for more jobs. If a company is asking for a cover letter, that is your chance to wow them with how unique and wonderful you are.Plus, if you come up with a good cover letter template, you can repurpose it for multiple job applications.And guess what – I’m sharing the exact cover letter I sent when I was looking for remote front end work back in the fall of 2017, so you have no excuse not to include one now 😉.


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