Compare And Contrast Essay On The Odyssey

However, most readers are unaware that there are actually two journeys that are unfolding simultaneously throughout Homer’s epic.Telemachus’ journey greatly differs from that of his father, Odysseus.

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His journey, and after that the killing of the suitors who took advantage of him really show how his journeys and problems throughout the book mature him from being a shy, timid boy into a mature man.

Odysseus’ journey also taught him about many things which he had never really experienced before, including suffering, poverty, and other things of that nature.

Telemachus’ and his father Odysseus’ experiences/journeys parallel each other in many different ways.

One way that they are both similar is that they are both very well liked by Athena, who accompanies both on their journeys around Greece. A quote which proves this is I, 85 “In the meantime I will go to Ithaca, to put heart into Odysseus' son Telemachus; I will embolden him to call the Achaeans in assembly, and speak out to the suitors of his mother Penelope, who persist in eating up any number of his sheep and oxen; I will also conduct him to Sparta and to Pylos, to see if he can hear anything about the return of his dear father- for this will make people speak well of him." This quote is spoken by Athena, showing how she cares both for Odysseus and Telemachus.

Telemachus starts as a younger, less mature boy, and without the presence of his father during his childhood, he becomes a timid, shy and spineless boy who is greatly pampered by his mother.

He has even more to achieve, being the son of a world-famous father, and this is a very difficult reputation to live up to.

Telemachus experienced this with King Nestor and King Menelaus, which were both very positive experiences for him.

With Odysseus, some of the hosts were not very good at following Xenia (Circle, because she turned his men into pigs, Lotus Eaters,...

Throughout The Odyssey, Telemachus matures very much so, but in the first four books, there is a definite transition from an immature scared little boy, to the Telemachus has really matured when we hear new logic, sensibility, and authority in his words as he speaks to his mother shortly before the death of the suitors.

The Odyssey, Homer, 1980 Oxford University Press, W. 260) It is amazing that by the end Odysseus and his son fight side by side against the suitors.


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