Comparative Essay Animal Farm Russian Revolution

Comparative Essay Animal Farm Russian Revolution-79
Old Major (pig) – He represents Karl Marx, who is one of the most famous philosophers and political theorists in history.Karl Marx is the inventor of Communism, just like Old Major, who is the ‘Father of Animalism’. Napoleon (pig) – Napoleon is Joseph Stalin, the second leader of the Soviet Union.In the firs chapter Orwell gives his reasons for writing the story and what he hoped it would accomplish it also gives reference to the farm and how it related to the conflicts of the Russian revolution.

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This essay will cover the comparisons between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution.

It will also explain why this novel is a satire and allegory to the Revolution that took place in Russia so long ago.

In Animal Farm, Snowball was exiled from the farm by Napoleon’s dogs, just like Trotsky had been. Jones – Mr Jones is a farmer, and the owner of Manor Farm.

He represents the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov (Nicholas II). Squealer (pig) – This pig represents the Russian media, which spread Stalin’s version of the truth to the masses.

Surely if communism and animalism were carried out by the right sorts of people and animals with good and true intentions, their communities would have prospered instead of falling and ultimately being destroyed.

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He died before getting to see the rise of his creation just as Old Major did.

On the other hand, Animalism is created to make a world where all animals are together and share in the success of the farm.

Leon Trotsky was represented by Snowball, who thought that a number of rebellions were required to achieve the revolution's goals.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” – George Orwell, this quote was written in the novel showing the abuse of the pigs towards the “Seven Commandments”, stating that some animals are “more equal” than others clearly leads to inequality among all the animals, as there is no such thing as “all animals” are equal but some are “more equal” the pigs are clearly trying to trick the other animals into believing that they can pursue every animals dream of freedom.

Animal Farm is a novel that consists of various literary terms such as allegory, which was represented by the symbols and the content hidden behind the actions and personalities of the animals.


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