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The port numbers make Network Address Translation (NAT) work.A number of places where knowledge of port numbers is critical to protect your network, to make routers work better, and to address a zillion other issues. For example, every TCP/IP implementation that supports FTP assigns the well-known port of 21 (decimal) to the FTP server.

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The moment you say "proceed to check out," you hit on the button "Proceed to check out" you are transferred from HTTP to HTTPs because at that point you have to log on to the server. A protocol with which we send and receive files on the network. It provides users with graphical interface to connect another computer over a network connection. This is one of the port numbers that has 4 digits in the syllabus so it's very important we know this, 3389 for RDP. SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol, this is a protocol with which we gather configuration parameters from devices on the network. This is the protocol that allows emails to move from one server to another server. The Domain Name Service allows us to do name resolution across the internet. Your browser would actually make a query to the DNS and the DNS has tables of addresses for the IP addresses to all these servers. Now the browser knows how to get you to the website. If you were to move from one device to another device, your emails are no longer available on the server. I could even use the word Certification as a search factor while the emails are still on the server. The IP network services use, we use this for error reporting.

This is a protocol with which we do connections across the network to other computers on the network. We then look at some other protocols like SNMP and SMTP. The default configuration of POP3 is that it will retrieve the emails from the server and delete them on the server. Say I received the message from a friend 3 weeks ago about certification.

In its simplest form, where neither endpoint is multihomed, this results in the same four-tuple socket pair used with TCP.

However, when either of the endpoints of an association are multihomed, then multiple four-tuple sets (with different IP addresses but the same port numbers) may identify the same association.

[toggle_content title="Transcript"] I will now be talking about the common protocols and their port numbers. These are some protocols where we add SSH to improve the security. However if you go to some websites to do financial transactions, you need to secure your transmissions, your credentials, credit card numbers and passwords. We have different types of ping, ping floods that could be used to overwhelm your servers.

We discuss the functions of the protocols and we learn their associated port numbers. This is file transfer protocol and as the name implies this is the protocol with which we transfer files on the network. Let's take a look at some other protocols like HTTP. This is the protocol with which we navigate the internet. Some organizations actually could enable their firewalls to block a ping request as a preventive measure not putting themselves at risk of a flooding attack from a ping.

If you have S at the end of a name and the S means secure that means we got it from 'SSL'.

You have to log on into your account, you are going to be exchanging credentials with the server. SSL is 443 added to HTTP so the port number HTTPs is 443. This is the protocol with which we send and receive files on the network. Another protocol, very important we look at is RDP. You see on your network you have some devices that have no panels, panels where you could read their configuration parameters so you need SNMP. It's actually 160, 161, 162 for SNMP but the focus is largely 161. We move emails from one server to another server using SMTP. 25, SMTP, it allows your emails to move from one exchange server to another server. When you sit in front of a machine you type the URL, the fully and qualified domain name. We should be careful when we set up POP3, to set it not to delete the emails, let the emails stay on the server. Another protocol for emails is something called IMAP. IMAP also allows me to create folders in my email such that I could archive my emails appropriately. We have looked at SNMP, SMTP, RDP, TELNET, HTTPS, DNS, TFTP, HTTP port 80, IMAP POP3. You want to do network connectivity between two devices on the network, between a node and another node or between a host and a host on the network, we would use ICMP. We would open up our command prompt, you open up your command prompt and you type in the pin command with the name or IP address to the device and you would pin the device.

This value varies by operating system, but generally falls between the values 1024-5000-the port numbers classically assigned as ephemeral port numbers- and 49152-65535-the dynamic or private port numbers.

In the early days of the Internet, only ports 1024-5000 were used, but modern computers can use up all of those. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) today recommends using only ports 49152-65,535 as ephemeral port numbers.


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