Columbian Exchange Essay Outline

Columbian Exchange Essay Outline-8
The Colombian Exchange explorers created contact between Europe and the Americas.The interaction with Native Americans began the exchange of animals, plants, disease, and weapons.The Colombian Exchange was an extensive exchange between the eastern and western hemispheres as knows as the Old World and New World.

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A lot of global change erected from the Columbian Exchange and with the exchange came a never ending connection between the Old and New Worlds that ran deeper than the ocean they had to travel across....

[tags: Christopher Columbus, Americas, New World, Europe] - Without intention in 1492 Christopher Columbus initiated an event that is perhaps the most important historical turning point in modern times to the American Continents. “For thousands of years before 1492, human societies in Americas had developed in isolation from the rest of the world.”(P.

4) Christopher Columbus and other European voyagers ended all this beginning in1492 as they searched for treasure and attempted to spread Christianity.

For the first time people from Europe, Africa, and the Americas were in regular contact....

In dealing with agriculture, The Portuguese discovered Brazil on accident, but they concentrated on the Far East and used Brazil as a ground for criminals.

Pernambuco, the first area to be settled, became the world’s largest sugar producer by 1550.

Therefore the African Slave start became greatly into effect. The major impacts of the Colombian exchange was Christianity that led to the rise of the Catholic Church, new food crops and domesticated animals that improved the Europeans and American living, new military technology such as weapons and horses, slavery of the natives and Africans and diseases that drastically harmed the different ethnic groups.

Around 1511 Africans began working as slaves in the Americas. Colombian Exchange between the old world and the new world still holds a drastic impact on the world today.


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