College Essay Formatting

The body of your essay should discuss events, activities, experiences, or examples that support your thesis.

It’s sometimes easy to “write yourself out of the equation” in this type of essay.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about structuring a college application essay.

By following these tips, you’ll impress admissions officers and increase your chances of acceptance!

If you don’t want your entire essay to be a narrative, you may wish to narrate a brief anecdote in your introduction.

The rest of your essay can focus on describing the impact of this anecdote or reflecting on its significance.

While you do need to introduce the experience or influence, spend the bulk of your time on Step #2: discussing the impact on Because it’s filled with action, dialogue, and vivid details, the narrative or chronological structure is one of our favorites for the college application essay.

If you choose to write a narrative or chronological essay, you’ll need to focus on a single event or moment in your life.

In some cases, you’ll be stuck with some pretty restrictive word limits: 250 words, 150 words, and sometimes even less!

How can you write an effective beginning, middle, and end in just a few words?


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