Cold Storage Business Plan

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If the loss occurring due to non-availability of storage (post-harvest management) is analyzed in a broad way, then it is clearly known that all the natural resources involved in the production cycle, such as crop, power, labor, land, water, time, fertilizers etc.

It is being realized that proper and timely storage of produce is an essential factor in the agriculture industry and due importance is given for the same.

Research has suggested that the Indian cold storage industry is making a steady growth and the annual growth rate is estimated to be 25.8%.

The warehouse commanded a $98.5 million investment from Kroger and has 105 loading docks to support Kroger's 120 stores in the state of Michigan.

In October, Walmart announced a new high-tech warehouse facility focused on fresh and frozen grocery slated to open in 2020.

Retailers with substantial resources may have the option of creating their own in-house cold storage solutions if the cold storage industry can’t ramp up fast enough to meet demand, which could leave smaller retailers without the same financial flexibility to lose even more market share to the largest retailers.

To boost its Amazon Fresh business, Amazon is planning multimillion-dollar upgrades to its Prime Now warehouses in Seattle.

Currently there are 6227 cold stores in India and they are capable of storing a produce of 30 million tonnes.

Cold stores are generally used for storing agricultural produce, processed food, animal husbandry produce, pharmaceutical products etc.

The diffuser type system is used when the height of the storage room is low.

The bunker type system is used when the storage room height is above 11.5 m.


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