Chocolate Milk Persuasive Essay

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The students get so excited about the different topics and love debating and supporting their arguments and claims.On this post, I will share some of my students’ favorite persuasive writing prompts with a free download of a printable list and task card version of the writing prompts.Its rich, its creamy, its smooth, and it makes us feel so-o-o-o good for a few moments of course, that is; until the guilt of the calories kick in. The wonderful creamy milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, white chocolate, or even my personal favorite a silky dark chocolate, the choices are hard.

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They have findings to prove that it acts as an antioxidant because of the flavonoids, lowering blood pressure, in turn benefiting the heart (Web MD). They both have a type of serotonin, a form of anti-depressant.

Both milk chocolate and dark chocolate are stimulants; that is because of the theobromine found in caffeine.

Students on the favorable side also noted that professional athletes drink chocolate milk and promote it.

In discussion, it was clear that they were unaware of the potential financial gain associated with endorsements.

The list below (available as a free download at the end of this post) contains a variety of engaging persuasive writing prompts and topics that students will enjoy researching, debating, and writing about.

As you will see, the writing topics are varied as our students are often varied in their interests.

So I think people should allow chocolate milk at schools!

Persuasive writing is one of my favorite writing genres to teach.

I compared my two favorite types of chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

Milk chocolate is usually paired with nuggets, nuts, creams or caramels, but the dark chocolate is best with a wine such as a Muscat Canelli.


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