Childhood Memory Essay

Childhood Memory Essay-16
One day it would be a go-cart and the next a small wooden hut, the list was endless.

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One of the things I remember the most, are the many contraptions we would strive to build.

These seemed like massive undertakings for a couple of children like us and looking back they were.

Whereas my older cousin and me would always fight, this usually ending up with me smacking him in the face and starting what seemed like world war three to us.

This ultimately would end in one of use getting hit with a flying marble or getting stabbed with a pen.

Wouldn’t you give anything to be innocent and uncorrupted by societies “views” and “stereotypes” again?

The innocence of being young is something we do not appreciate until you are faced with deadlines and responsibilities of growing up.

They never shout and scream always listen and they will always love you like there own children, this is a love that is unconditional.

From I was a child my parents worked long hours and my granny was always there to support them.

I would return after school to watch television and chill-out.

I loved it there, so as you can guess when the summer came I was incredibly excited.


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