Changing A Bad Habit Essay

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By doing this you will prevent a single flame from burning down an entire forest.I would liken the formation of bad habits to the formation of an adulteress relationship.It can be very hard to break a bad habit sometimes, especially if you do not know the right way to do so.

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The gifts represent the fascination with the thought (this is when the thought gets incubated and begins to grow strong).

Making love represents the first action, which gets repeated over, and over again in this negative cycle.

What started out as a single-thought has erupted into lasciviousness; what could have been changed by a single-thought, a single switch of focus, is now out-of-control.

So how do you break the bad habit and free yourself from this adulteress mental relationship?

For example, you can write a checklist or jot them down in a journal and look back when you have the time.

Changing A Bad Habit Essay

This way you can see if there are any patterns and try and change things that you can to see if this affects your bad habit.We know that everything that appears in our life first originates from our thoughts.If a habit is in our life, we know the parents of that habit was, and continues to be our thoughts.Becoming aware of your habit will help you to see a number of factors that can cause it.You can see what situations you are in when the habit occurs, why you may be turning to this bad habit and what factors you may be able to change to help break the habit.This should also motivate you to do it, and you should feel excited and ready as this date approaches.Having a goal point creates motivation and it will give you a date to set your mind on.Initially the relationship may be innocent, but then your eyes lock and you are enticed by their beauty. Now at the zenith or pinnacle of your relationship, you make love. And so, you do it again, and again, and again; you feel like you must see this person everyday.(A seed has now been sown, and conception has taken place.) You must now make the decision to retreat or pursue. But eventually the habit of this negative relationship interferes with your life, a part of you wants out and a part of you wants more.You recognize that you can’t live with the habit, but you feel as if you can’t live without it. You have become as the Apostle Paul who wrote in his time of struggle: In the example above, the locking of eyes represents the first negative thought.Deciding to pursue the person represents the multitude of proceeding thoughts.


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