Causes Of Teenage Drinking Essay

Causes Of Teenage Drinking Essay-49
Many people who grow up in alcoholic households witness horrific acts of violence as well as emotional abuse.

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The only way to avoid these situations completely is to ensure you do not spend time in the company of people who are going to get involved in such activities.

This may seem harsh, but there may be no other option if you are constantly feeling extreme pressure from these people.

Or it may be that you simply do not want to be left out at the parties and social gatherings you attend that increasingly seem to revolve around drinking.

For many teenagers, getting involved with alcohol is simply part of growing up, but for others, it can quickly become a serious problem.

If you are unable to drink legally, you may overindulge in private before heading out for the evening in a process known as “pre-drinking.” Typically, you and a group of friends will gather and share several different kinds of alcohol with the sole intention of feeling a “buzz” before heading off to a party or a club.

If everyone else is indulging, it can be extremely hard to resist joining in.

For some people, this is nothing more than a passing phase, but for others it is a rite of passage and simply becomes a part of their social life as they get older, particularly if they go on to attend college.

For a small proportion of people, alcohol can become a problem.

In many cases, the people who are closest to you will see changes brought about by alcohol addiction that you are unable to see yourself.

Alcoholism is often thought of as an adult-only problem, as this is how it is generally portrayed in the media.


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