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“The Literature of Jim Crow: Call and Response.” U of Florida, 1996. “Women and Wifehood: The Story of Self in Three Nineteeth-Century Novels.” U of Alaska Anchorage, 1996. You can find lists of scholarship at the bottom of those pages of the site devoted to a novel or short story.

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And you can find other lists of resources on this site: Books and books of essays about Kate Chopin and her work Articles about Kate Chopin published since 2000 Articles about Kate Chopin published from 1985 through 1999 Articles about Kate Chopin published before 1985 Kate Chopin translations and scholarship into German Kate Chopin translations and scholarship into Portuguese Kate Chopin translations and scholarship in Spain Although “Kate Chopin” may not appear in the title, each dissertation listed here discusses Chopin’s work at some length. Roberts, Rosalie, “Crafting Radical Fictions: Late-Nineteenth Century American Literary Regionalism and Arts and Crafts Ideals.” U of Oregon, 2015. “Threads of Truth: Aesthetics of a Sacrificed Self in the Nineteenth-Century American Romance of Susanna Rowson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry James and Kate Chopin.” State U of New York, 2015. “Imagining the Creole City: White Creole Print Culture, Community, and Identity Formation in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans.” Tulane U, 2013. “The Propriety of the Emergence of New Woman in Kate Chopin’s Selected Fiction.” Kuala Lumpur, U Putra Malaysia, 2012. “Show and Tell: Photography, Film and Literary Naturalism in Late Nineteenth Century America.” U of Michigan, 2012. We’ll include your name and your academic or other affiliation, we’ll keep your posting up on the site, and we’ll link it to from relevant pages on the site.

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If you’re a scholar or an advanced graduate student and have something fresh to add about Chopin’s work or her life, we invite you to submit a brief comment for posting on the site.

My secondary objective is to document the occurrence and outcomes of agonistic interactions between birds and non-targets visiting these stations. Steve Hayslette Jennifer Caudle I will study temporal changes in freshwater fish communities, where community structure will be characterized in a subset of streams that were sampled 20 years ago using the Index of Biotic Integrity to quantify changes over the last two decades. To do this I am using Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) microspectroscopy to measure changes in macromolecular content of D. in Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Lake Superior State University Advisor: Dr.

Springs will be evaluated for mosquito fish distribution and habitat suitability for potential Barrens Topminnow introductions. geminata cells that have been incubated across a gradient of water quality treatments. Justin Murdock Ryan Hanscom I am examining the ecological, genetic, and geographical factors to species diversification in snapping shrimps.

Additionally, the identification of regionally-specific barriers and facilitators of gene flow will promote better conservation practices focused on factors such as land use changes and their effects on this state endangered amphibian in a heterogenous and highly-fragmented landscape.

You can read many of these dissertations, search many of them, and find more information about all of them at a research or other library that holds copies of the books or subscribes to the databases. “Loosening the Critical Corset: New Approaches to the Short Fiction of Kate Chopin and Ruth Stuart.” City U of New York, 2015. ’: Elizabeth Stuart Phelps and Ecofeminist Homiletics.” Indiana U of Pennsylvania, 2012. “‘You done Cheat Mose Out o’ De Job, Anyways; we all Knows Dat’: Faith Healing in the Fiction of Kate Chopin.” U of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2011. “Reconsidering Regionalism: The Environmental Ethics of Sarah Orne Jewett, Kate Chopin, and Willa Cather.” U of North Texas, 2011. “Lost Ladies, New Women: Narrative Voice and Female Identity in Willa Cather’s .” U of Kansas, 2011. “Female Entrapment in the Works of Elizabeth Stoddard, Kate Chopin, and Edith Wharton.” Chinese U of Hong Kong, 2011. “The Lady in the House: The Southern Belle, the Home, and Literary Modernism.” U of South Alabama, 2011. “The Body Bound and the Body Unbound: Rebirth, Sensuality, and Identity in Kate Chopin’s .” Arizona State U, 2011. “From Exile to Transcendence: Racial Mixture and the Journey of Revision in the Works of Lydia Maria Child, Hannah Crafts, Kate Chopin, James Weldon Johnson, and Jean Toomer.” U of Illinois, Urbana, 2010. “‘Brooding Reflection’: Redefining the Literary Impression in Henry James and Kate Chopin.” Purdue U, 2010. “Standing in Creon’s Shadow: Defining the Female Tragic Hero.” California State U, Dominguez Hills, 2010. “Creole Bodies and Intersecting Lives and Oppressions: An Intertextual Dialogue between Kate Chopin and Alice Dunbar-Nelson.” U of Alabama, 2010. We’re thinking 300 to 400 words might be a good length for a comment too short for a full-fledged essay, or it might be an appropriate length for an excerpt from a conference presentation you’d like to share with a larger audience.


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