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Castro appears never to have forgiven or forgotten. The critical period, as chronicled by Cheng in a forthcoming issue of China Quarterly, began on June 4, 1989, when the government cracked down on demonstrations around China.Honecker was the honest revolutionary betrayed by the circumstances in which he was given a leadership role in East Germany. He and Fidel Castro are more brothers than strangers.Deng, though perhaps wise, was not wise enough to avoid mistakes.Larry Catá Backer's comments on current issues in transnational law and policy.These essays focus on the constitution of regulatory communities (political, economic, and religious) as they manage their constituencies and the conflicts between them. This is an academic field-free zone: expect to travel "without documents" through the sometimes strongly guarded boundaries of international relations, constitutional, international, comparative, and corporate law. Like others, I have been suggesting that Fidel Castro and the adherents to his views within the state and Party apparatus in Cuba have been instrumental in resisting any development of Cuban Marxist Leninist theory that tends toward the Chinese (and to a lesser extent, the Vietnamese approaches).(Pix FIDEL CASTRO, MÁS ESCUETO Y CON UN SORPRENDE CAMBIO DE ESTILO, El Lagarto Verde "ca.1980, Havana, Cuba — The General Secretary of the German Socialist Party and President of the Council of State of the German Democratic Republic, Eric Honecker is greeted by Fidel Castro at Havana airport.Recently, in a series of remarkable reflections, Fidel Castro has opened a window on what may be some of his most personal reasons for his continued embrace of European Soviet Marxist Leninism and his suspicion of the Chinese approach.The first speaks to Erich Honecker, the person credited with masterminding the Berlin Wall, and the second to Deng Xiaoping, an architect of contemporary Chinese Marxist Leninism.The effect was profound, considering that the sting is still felt decades later.And so he turns the tables on Deng; it was not merely China that could play the role of --China was so remote from Cuban consciousness, so exotic and foreign, they would not even have spoken Deng's name (a subtle link to Western notions of the unpronounceable character of Chinese language and the unreadability of Chinese writing).


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