Case Study Analysis Process Used In Your Workplace

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Those are important for B2B buyers, who need to know that the numbers add up to make the best rational decision for their businesses. Case studies explore how your products or services have affected specific customers.Case studies make this numbers-heavy approach even more effective. Framed as compelling stories, they help a new potential buyer visualize just how much their business could change once they invest in your solution.Companies may have a different process for the creation of their case studies, but it is important sales and marketing always collaborate. That's because it must reach an entire pool of potential customers.

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This could include highlighting a specific product or feature, and also the results it can bring your future customers.

By examining a real-life example, potential customers get to see proven results.

Above all else, case studies serve as living proof that your product really can do everything you claim. Now that you have a basic understanding of what a case study is, let's explore who use case studies, and how they work for businesses. A case study is used by businesses to help sell products or services to another business.

They’re created by the marketing team, but the sales team is often involved in the process of choosing the customers that are featured.

(It helps businesses do what the government says they have to!

) Industrial and manufacturing Industrial and manufacturing companies sell some of the most expensive (and complex) products around.Whether they're tailored to automotive companies, healthcare, defense, or anyone else, case studies help reassure buyers that they're making a sound investment.Production Modeling Corporation (PMC) includes an entire library of downloadable case studies on its website.And, once you’ve got those basics down, (or if you already do!) we’ve got you covered for the next step – how to write a GOOD case study, and how to maximize it to increase sales.We'll start at the beginning, what a case study is and how it works, but feel free to jump ahead to another section.So unless you're ready for something more specific, let's look at the case study basics!Business case studies are often created by the marketing team and given to the sales team.Sales can then use the case study to get a meeting with potential customers, or prospects.A simple Google search of “case studies” will quickly show the truth: case studies mean different things to different industries.While they are also used in the scientific world, the process and and reason why they are used is completely different in the business world.


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