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And of course, to go along with all this testing don’t forget to train your recovery team members.Now as a parting note there are a few documents and websites you need to become familiar with: Documents: NIST SP 800-34 ISO/IEC-27031 BS25999 Websites: https://org/ Fill out the short form below for pricing information and details regarding our various training options (self paced, online mentored & instructor lead) for the CISSP certification.Now when you talk about your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) you need to know the different types of recovery sites or options; namely reciprocal agreement, cold site, warm site, hot site, redundant site and mobile sites.

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There are several definitions that you need to know for this domain: BCP (Business Continuity Plan) – the overall organizational plan for “how-to” continue business.

COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan) – the plan for continuing to do business until the IT infrastructure can be restored.

That BIA will identify all of the business functions, which then need to be evaluated to determine which ones are critical to the business and which ones aren’t.

The BIA also includes which IT assets are required to support the business function as well as which supporting business functions are required.

The RPO will help IT determine what backup strategy will be required.

For example, let’s say the owner of the business function states they can afford to lose up to one day’s worth of entered data.

DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) – the plan for recovering from an IT disaster and having the IT infrastructure back in operation.

BRP (Business Resumption Plan) – the plan to move from the disaster recovery site back to your business environment or back to normal operations.

With a little give and take on both sides — and there are always options — in this case it might make sense to change the RTO to eight hours or to purchase a second server and implement HA (High Availability) clustering. The COOP is where the owner of the business function will define how they’re going to continue to do business while IT is restoring the systems that crashed.

Pay particular attention to (HINT) documented procedures for manual processes.


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