Business Plan Implementation Strategy

I have had my share of successes and failures with implementation efforts.

Both the failures and the successes leave important clues.

But having beautiful pictures of the future is not enough; we must be able to produce them. One person (leader) must be designated as the visible, responsible party for each strategic goal.

That's the hard, difficult part of strategic planning. The "senior team" is not a responsible party; the "finance office" is not a responsible party.

The success rate for the strategies and inspiring strategic plans is not hard work.

We have many intelligent, dedicated people throughout our campuses who have powerful hopes and aspirations.

People who are engaged in real implementation efforts need This is very different than resources.

This could be political support, supervisory time and attention, access to senior leadership, an effective champion or sponsor for their strategic task and the permission to engage in cross boundary sharing and collaboration with others across the campus.

This is also true for divisional and departmental goals and objectives.

Names attached to specific actions communicate an implementation mentality.


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