Business Plan Case Study

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Business plans may be written to explain how a business may meet its growth targets over one or more based on a cost model.

Business cases comprise an argument to convince a decision maker to approve a specific course of action over another.

Think of it as an opportunity to “sell” your business idea. From your first word to your last, your executive summary requires high energy.

Your first sentence should be a benefit-focused entrée into an appealing, scene setting, first paragraph.

It needs to be well-structured, appealing, and highly credible.

Sketch out your executive summary in draft before starting your document. Produce it in rough before writing your document and complete it after writing your whole document.SWOT may help you to distinguish between unimportant and important aspects which you need to consider.A SWOT analysis is a way of focusing on factors which may influence your success.This section should start with an outline of why you have developed your offering – the need for it – and how it fits within the market, competitively.You should position your company, product or service in the mind of the reader.are based on the business model or business line of an organisation.They explain how the business will achieve its operational and financial goals by capitalising on the capability of the organisation.This should be your starting point for developing your business plan.Think of your value proposition as your elevator pitch. It is about how you can deliver greater value or offer a better deal to potential customers than the current market can offer.Ensure that the information you give is complete, that your narrative explains essential details, and that no questions are begged.You should describe your product or service in terms of what marketers call a marketing mix.


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