Business Continuity Plan Example For Small Business

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Click on the link in each step to find more information and useful templates from BDC's complete Business Continuity Guide.

Download templates It is a good idea to clearly assign the responsibility for emergency preparedness to a team.

crisis management team, employee support, IT backup, defining security perimeters etc.

Additional sites with useful information: Use the supplied templates to create lists of all your key contacts along with their contact information.

Select a few managers/individuals or an existing committee to take charge of the project.

It is advisable to assign one person to lead the planning process.Include the following information in your list: Use the Action Plan Template for Critical Suppliers (DOC) to list essential information on your key suppliers.The information should be the same as that described for Key Customers, above.It is important for small businesses to take advantage of any green shoots of economic recovery.This includes having a watertight plan in place to keep on trading even if there is an interruption to normal trade.Try to identify any special requirements necessary to perform the essential services/functions (for example, license to operate heavy machinery).You may also wish to prepare a list of special tasks and skills required in emergency situations and assign them to appropriate employees, e.g.You should also ensure that this "emergency manager" has the authority to get things done.As with other business aspects, planning for an emergency relies on the following: Use the Planning Team for Business Continuity in an Emergency form (DOC) to clearly identify the team members and coordinator who will create your BCP for emergencies, along with their respective contact information.For each essential service, assign a "degree of criticalness" (Priority A, B or C).Rate the impact on each service such as staff absenteeism, unavailability of critical supplies, or disruptions to essential systems.


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