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He began researching even more and ended up writing his doctoral thesis on the subject of the mathematics of decision-making.After college, Staples taught psychology classes at Widener University and did freelance writing as well.

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Things were so bad financially that Brent and his family had to leave their house because they could no longer pay the rent. The Staples family ended up moving eight times before Brent was in 7th grade.

Brent hated this lifestyle and decided to distance himself from his family.

If your father was an alcoholic and your family was very comfortable with poverty, would you want to follow in their footsteps?

Or would you choose a different path and better yourself?

In 1995, he received the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award and was even given an honorary doctorate degree from Mount St. Brent Staples is a journalist and author who was born in 1951 in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Growing up in poverty and gaining more responsibility because his dad abused alcohol made him want to distance himself from his family.Read on to learn how writer and editor Brent Staples took the road less traveled.Brent Staples was born on September 13, 1951 in Chester, Pennsylvania.One of his famous quotes is, 'All of us in this country (USA) have more in common than we have differences.' As a heavy, black male, his presence made others uncomfortable.In his writings, he says that Caucasian women would clutch their purses closer and move to the other side of the street when they saw him walking near them.Brent was offended because he knew that he meant them no harm.At first, he did nothing, but as the attitudes toward him did not change, he turned the situation into a game he called scattering the pigeons, where he actually tried to scare the people who seemed fearful of him.Although this was a rather odd way of dealing with this issue, it led to a greater purpose.Staples was fascinated by people's attitudes toward him and what they decided to do as a result.Staples applied and was accepted to the summer program and later to the college for admission as well.In 1973, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the school, which was changed to Widener University while he was there.


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