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To know the controversy that Billie introduced one should first visit the root or source of such controversy and then analyze Billie's youth.Billie was born Eleanora Harris for her dad Clarence Holiday and mother Sadie Fagan that were just fifteen and ten years old, respectively, in that time (A 91).

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She began to do crazy things and was becoming quite self destructive. When older she worked at a brothel where she cleaned the floors and ran old jobs.

When Billie was six years of age her grandmother died. It was here that she first listened to the music of Louis Armstrong and Bes! Not knowing any other life she made a living prostituting. She preformed under the name Billie Holiday, after one of her favorite film stars, Billie Dove.

Much of the moment Billie was left in the care of relatives or friends, lots of whom were unloving (E).

Billie's connection with her household was very weak, as Billie during her entire life and livelihood never or rarely got family consent or fame (W 13).

The point to which Billie did not get along with her loved ones is evident as she was chastised for her grandmother's death at the age of six (E).

The chaos within Billie's household was illustrated when Billie commented later on in life which "As far as I'm Concerned, each of the Fagans are dead" (W 14).But she still kept her dream of singing alive and eventually convinced the manager of a small nightclub in the city to let her sing a few songs with the house band. She got her first recording session with the famous Benny Goodman.Her first recordings were not all that successful but it was obvious to see that a star was beginning to shine.The music marvel that she was, Billie Holiday became a sensation in jazz music during 1950s.This remarkable musician is still remembered for her vocal style, creative brilliance, improvisation and verve in jazz music.They married as teens, soon after, Sally gave birth to Eleanora Fagan.While growing up, she changed her name to Billie Holiday.Holiday is considered as one of the most peerless voices in jazz music till date.Billie Holiday was born on April 7,1915, in Baltimore.Born between 19 in Baltimore, the date unsure, Billie grew up without her father, who moved away early on in her lifetime.Billie and her mum used to fight a whole lot, when her mother was about.


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