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This study investigates and maps the trends in information literacy research by applying bibliometric analysis to the 767 theses and dissertations in the field of information literacy in the United States and Taiwan.

The study reveals that theses and dissertations on information literacy in Taiwan grew rapidly (502, 65.45%) and more were published than in the United States (265, 34.55%), although the first doctoral dissertation published in the United States was in 1988 while the first master thesis published in Taiwan was in 1996.

Research output of library and information science in South India during 2007-2011: An analysis .

The study shows the positive growth of dissertations in a number of areas and the most preferred research areas done on the topics are Community Information Services, Information Communication Technology and Bibliometrics.

Research Productivity in Library & Information Science in India during 1957-2006.(4), 348-349.

Growth in LIS research with special reference to Nagpur University in Library and Information Profession in India.

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Today, AASL Twitter is one of the most widely used social media communications among school library practitioners.

While scholarly communications in school library is conducted in an array of topics across the field of school library, it is difficult to establish how much of the scholarly communications is exposed to these practitioners.


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