Belonging In Strictly Ballroom Essay

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Scott must conquer his fear of failure and ridicule as well as possible rejection.

Two scenes in Strictly Ballroom were particularly effective and added to my overall opinion and understanding of the film.

The opening scene in Strictly Ballroom was very effective, as it introduced the world of ballroom dancing and the "over the top" atmosphere in which the film would take place.

Belonging In Strictly Ballroom Essay

The scene grabbed your attention and left you wondering weather anybody could every escape this tight knit circle of conformity.

The medium shots between Scott and Rico accentuate Scott’s humiliation and highlight Scott’s folly as Scott asks, ‘What is so funny?

’ Rico rises from his chair and begins to dance with deliberate steps and obvious passion, which is shown through a combination of medium and long shots intermingled with close-ups of his spinning feet.

The opening scene highlights a fantasy world, depicting silhouettes of ballroom dancers gracefully dancing to the famous waltz, ‘The Blue Danube’, followed by images of the glitzy and glamorous dancers in their brilliant costumes.

It is a world the audience is set up to admire: we would all would like to belong to it. The crosscutting to the interviews at the beginning of the film surprises the audience, sending up the content of the interview and the exaggerated seriousness of the characters’ approach to ballroom dancing.


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