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Let call them CLIPs (Chronically Late Insane Person).While both groups of not okay late people end up regularly frustrating others, a reliable way to identify a Group 2 CLIP is a bizarre compulsion to defeat themselves—some deep inner drive to inexplicably miss the beginning of movies, endure psychotic stress running to catch the train, crush their own reputation at work, etc. As much as they may hurt others, they usually hurt themselves even more. I spent around 15% of my youth standing on some sidewalk alone, angrily kicking rocks, because yet , all the other kids had gotten picked up and I was still waiting for my mom. My sister once missed an early morning flight, so they rescheduled her for the following morning.

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Usually what happens is, of all the times the CLIP has done a certain activity or commute, what they remember is that one time things went the that will get me to internalize that packing for a week-long trip takes 20 minutes. You just take out the bag, throw some clothes in it, throw your toiletries in, zip it up and done. The empirical data that shows that there are actually a lot of little things to think about when you pack and that it takes 20 minutes every time is irrelevant. It’s not that I hate the activity—once I’m there I’m often pleased to be there—it’s an irrational resistance to the There’s a pretty strong correlation here—the worse I feel about my productivity so far that day, the more likely I am to be late.

When I’m pleased with how I’ve lived the day so far, the Rational Decision-Maker has a much easier time taking control of the wheel.

I feel like an adult, so it’s easy to act like an adult.

But times when the monkey had his way with me all day, when the time rolls around that I need to stop working and head out somewhere, I can’t be the situation. You didn’t do what you were supposed to do, and now you’ll sit here and get more done, even if it makes you late.” So yeah, that’s why I’m late—because I’m insane.

Don’t excuse the CLIPs in your life—it’s not okay and they need to fix it—but remember, it’s not about you.

wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. If you have built yourself a reputation for being late all the time, whether it is with your friends, business associates, or clients, then you will soon see why such a trait can be detrimental to these relationships. It was a link: “optimistic-people-have-one-thing-common-always-late” Intriguing.Nothing’s better than the headline, “The reason people are [bad quality that describes you] is actually because they’re [good quality].” I got reading.Simply put, they’re fundamentally hopeful.”in myself. And I’m not late because I like to smell the roses, or because I can see the big picture, or because the future is full of infinite possibilities. So I thought about this for a minute, and I think I figured out what’s going on.The issue is that there are two kinds of lateness: 1) Okay lateness.And as it turns out, late people are actually the best people ever.“People who are continuously late are actually just more optimistic.They believe they can fit more tasks into a limited amount of time more than other people and thrive when they’re multitasking.Roosevelt is reevaluating the long-standing tradition of herding late students into a holding room for the remainder of the class period.Other schools have dropped the practice altogether, saying such policies allow students to fritter away instructional time in an era when schools are held accountable for pupils’ performance and low test scores.I’m sure each CLIP is insane in their own special way, and to understand how they work, you’ll usually have to get to some dark inner psychology.For me, it’s some mix of these three odd traits: The propensity of CLIPs to underestimate how long things take comes out of some habitual delusional optimism. when there’s something on my schedule that I have to stop everything for to go outside and do.


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