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* Whilst disturbing the water bath as little as possible, place all samples of plant tissue into the respective test tubes and start the timer.* Once precisely 40 minutes have passed, remove the test tubes from the water baths and remove the tissues from the test tubes.Osmosis can be effected different things such as: - Temperature - The warmer the solution, the quicker the osmosis will go.

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Effect of Sucrose Solution on Osmosis Aim: The aim of the experiment is to show how varying the concentration of sucrose solution affects osmosis by changing different molar solutions of sucrose and water and how it affects the potato.The results were fine and by looking at the mass measured before the experiment, you can see that there is no reading which seems to be out of the line.As the weights before the experiment range between 2.31g and 2.46g, this tells us that the potato pieces were cut well, and I believe accurate enough. Introduction Investigation to determine the water potential of apple tissue and carrot tissue, and how they compare to each other.Introduction: Water potential is the potential energy of water, relative to pure water (one without any impurities, such as ions); it's basically a numeric term that describes the tendency of water to move between two areas - due to mechanics such as osmosis or gravity.* The particular brand or carrots/apples used in the investigation are only representative of those brands, and not carrots/apples in general. Chips a biology investigation regarding effects of sucrose on potato chip cells. Explains coursework experiment's control variables. Skill P - Planning This experiment will investigate the effects of admission essay goals on potato chips. That designed to discuss in controlled assessment,. Conduct an experiment on it during potato core coursework potato. Being extremely careful with this step is very time consuming, but it would have produced slightly more valid results.* The plant tissues used should be fresh, since older tissues will lose moisture quickly, or possibly even rot - affecting the results.Use paper towels to blot each piece of tissue to remove excess solution and measure the mass of each sample, recording the results in a table.* Calculate the percentage change in mass for each sample (change in mass/original mass*100) and plot this against the concentration of solution used on a graph.


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