Art History Essay Questions

In this section, you can apply your perspective and analytical skills that you have learned throughout your course study.The long essay questions were created to give you the chance to discuss a different part of the artwork, analyze the relationship of works of art, and show your deeper understanding.

Time management is key in Section II of the AP Art History Exam.

You will have two hours to complete all six essay questions. It is recommended that students spend 30 minutes on each question. It is recommended that students spend 15 minutes on each question.

AP Art History covers art from a variety of different cultures throughout history.

This course will open your eyes to how art is created, has a deeper meaning, and reflects society.

The multiple-choice questions will serve as a way to show your comprehension of the art and the relationships of their form, function, content, and context. This section consists of short and long essay questions. There will be two 30-minute essay questions and four 15-minute essay questions.

This section will call for you to apply the art historical skills you have obtained.

You will want to move promptly through this section so you can effectively respond to all questions and leave time to complete Section II.

Time your practice exam to help pace yourself to complete the multiple-choice section.

At the end of this course, you will be able to demonstrate your comprehension and skills you learned during the exam. We will review how to manage your time in each section to ensure you receive a 5. The exam has a multiple-choice section and a free-response section.

These two sections are put together to determine your score.


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