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However, it presents one side more positively or meticulously than the other one, so that readers could be swayed to the one the author intends.

The major function of this type of essays is to present a case before the readers in a convincing manner, showing them the complete picture.

This is what is involved in respecting your opponents. By thorough academic reasoning, prove that you have the better and more beneficial argument and solution for all concerned.

Avoid the fallacies that occur all too often in the course of argumentation.

In this way, you will be able to anticipate their objections to your argument.

Where you can see some merit in what they are saying, be prepared to make concessions.

Argumentative essay assignments generally call for extensive research of literature or previously published material.

Argumentative assignments may also require empirical research where the student collects data through interviews, surveys, observations, or experiments.

Two other models are the Toulmin and Rogerian models.

Toulmin model is comprised of an introduction with a claim or thesis, followed by presentation of data to support the claim. devices, pacemakers and arterial stents, we can immediately appreciate how science affects the quality of our lives.


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