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If your biology class in school doesn’t quite cover all the topics mentioned on the test, you may have to do some additional studying, but you’ll still benefit from what you’ve learned and from having that experience fresh in your mind.

When looking for SAT Biology test prep resources, start with those who established the test in the first place: the College Board.

or similarities in homologous structures are studied.

Differences in homologous structures reflect the accumulation of mutations over time.

However, you don’t need to worry too much about matching up your test choice and your future plans; nothing is set in stone yet, and many people change their minds about majors or careers.

The good news is that most careers in the biological sciences will make use of the information you’ve learned about both sets of topics.

The SAT subject test in biology has two variations, E and M; E stands for ecological biology, while M stands for molecular biology.

In this post, we’ll go over the distinction between the two variation, what topics each variation covers, and how to decide which test would be better for you personally to take.

To score well on the test, you’ll have to have a strong, broad-based understanding of biology, and study a full range of topics.

You may be tempted to choose between E and M based upon your current career aspirations or planned college major.


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