Antithesis Shakespeare

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Antithesis Shakespeare Law Homework Help

In the video here you can also watch actors exploring the shared lines between Macduff and Ross in Act 2 Scene 3 when Ross delivers the news that Macduff’s family have all been killed. Sometimes it’s also interesting to look at lines that don’t match the rhythm of iambic pentameter and to think about why.

(1951) Kenneth Muir notes as ‘one of the predominant characteristics of the general style of the play’ the fact that ‘it consists of multitudinous antitheses’. Knights states that ‘Two main themes, which can only be separated for the purpose of analysis, are blended in the play—the themes of the reversal of values and of unnatural disorder.

He connects ‘this trick of style with the “wrestling of destruction with creation” which Mr Wilson Knight has found in the play, and with the opposition he has pointed out between night and day, life and death, grace and evil’. —Darkness and Light, as a parable, Discord and Concord as a result’. And closely related to each is a third theme, that of the deceitful appearance, and consequent doubt, uncertainty and confusion.’ Some of the passages to which I shall refer are discussed by Knights.

The activity which is used to explore iambic pentameter will be very useful in understanding rhythm and structure.

A shared line tells us a lot about the relationship between two characters.


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