And Synthesising

You’d probably read about earth-bermed houses (houses that are built into a hillside or earth mound), solar panels or windmills for producing electricity, efficient insulating windows, waste-water recycling, and non-toxic building materials that reuse waste wood and metal.

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There are obviously many sources of information, and they vary depending on what you’re looking for.

In general, you can consult existing sources or look at “natural examples,” examples of actual programs and interventions that have addressed the issue.

Synthesizing in this way requires identifying the functional elements of each idea or program that you’ve looked at that seems to hold lessons for your work.

Functional elements are the core components of each program – the methods, framework, activities, techniques, and other aspects – that make up the specific program you’re examining.

Why take the time and trouble, for you and for others engaged in a participatory planning effort, to read a lot of material written by others and to track down people who’ve run programs?

If you’re inclined to think this way, there are a lot of good reasons why you should think again.

refers to gathering information about the issue you’re facing and the ways other organizations and communities have addressed it.

The more information you have about the issue itself and the ways it has been approached, the more likely you are to be able to devise an effective program or intervention of your own.

The same is true if you’re designing an intervention or program to deal with a community health or other issue, or an evaluation of that program.

Others have also undoubtedly tried to address that issue, some with success and some without.


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